With balls clustered near the middle of the table, a run out can be a breeze, as long as you stay in line. Getting on the wrong side of a ball or leaving yourself too much angle can turn a simple run out into something much more difficult. Use this drill to fine tune your centre table positional play and make those outs look easy.

Run out without letting the cue ball touch a rail.


Start with the 3 balls closest to the side pocket. Focus on staying on the right side of the ball to easily get to the next one.

Play the drill as shown. Focus on playing the balls into the side pockets, only use the corners when you get out of line.

Use only the side pockets.

Add another row of balls on either side.

Clear one row of balls at a time.


You will need to slow roll balls and use firm stuns to hold middle table position.

Using a touch of outside spin can throw the object object ball (cutting it more) letting you hold the cue ball and avoid hitting a rail.

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