When all your balls have available pockets it’s important not to bump them and disrupt a runnable pattern. When balls are close to each other it’s even more important. This drill helps develop close quarters positional play and planning multiple balls ahead. You need to play position on the next ball in such a way that you won’t run into any others while potting it.  You also need to be conscious of putting the cue ball in a position that you can bridge comfortably. Try and play the balls parallel to the short rail as a cluster to open up a route between the bottom and middle of the table.

Pocket all 15 balls without running into any other balls.


Start with just 5 balls in the cross formation. Add more balls once you feel comfortable running the 5.

Run stripes, pot the 8, then run solids.

Only use the corner pockets.

Clear one section of the cross at a time.


Find the areas you are struggling with and get them out of the way first.

Clearing one section of balls will give you some breathing room for cue ball control.

Don’t forget to make the balls. All the shots are fairly close to the pockets, but you still need to put some effort into the pots.

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