Like The Cross, this drill focuses on tight positional play and staying on the right side of your next shot, but is even more challenging. It’s great practice for games like 8 ball and straight pool where you often have most of the balls on the table in on small area. The 1 rail routes you need to play come up often in games and help develop your touch.

Make every ball into the same pocket.


Use less balls. Start with 2 on either side of the 8 and work your way up.

Clear one side at a time.

Put the balls out randomly and clear solids then stripes.

Start with one of the balls on the rail and run them in order.

Clear using no rails, or 1 rail every shot.


Try to play position above the ball you want to make. This way to can go 1 or 2 rails to the next ball and not worry about running into other balls.

Experiment with using (a little!) outside to help get shape.

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