Often in a rack of 9 ball you have to play position on a ball at the other end of the table. This might happen several times in the course of a run out. It can be a difficult positional route since you usually can’t play along the line of the shot, so speed control is vital. Use this drill to isolate those routes and find out the most consistent way for you to get to the other end of the table and leave enough angle to get back and do it again.

Run the balls in order, playing position to the other side of the table each time.


This is a pretty demanding drill in terms of shot making and position. If you are struggling, just work on the shot from the 1 to the 2, then play from the 2 back to the 1. The rest of the drill is a variation of this route, so master it first.

Run the drill as shown until you can do it half the time, then move on to advanced versions.

Limit yourself to 1 side of the table.

Don’t touch the long rails.

Only use the corner pockets.

Add more balls.


For the first few balls, try to leave yourself high and play shape off the short rails.

2 Rail shape (as shown in the diagram) will really help with speed control by giving you a larger margin for error. This can mean using low outside or high inside.

As you progress further into the drill other routes might become better choices for you. Experiment with what gives you the most consistent results.

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