Pros make running centuries look easy in large part through tight cue ball control around the pink and the black. This drill helps develop those skills so you can make your next red easy and extend your breaks. Carom into each red after potting the black, moving on to the next red after a successful attempt. Use both cue ball positions and both sides of the table.

Pot the black and carom into each of the reds one by one.


You can move the reds closer to give yourself a larger target, or set 2 reds as a target. Move the white closer to the black to make the pot easier.

Hit each red twice in a row before moving on to the next one.

Set up reds in a similar fashion around the other colours and repeat the drill using those colours. Potting the blue and caroming into reds on the end rail is especially useful.

Hit each red three times in a row before moving on.

Reset back to the first red every time you miss one.


Try and play the shot as lightly as possible while still hitting the red.

Use as little side as possible, most of these shots can be made using the vertical axis of the cue ball.

Mark the starting position of the white and set it up exactly the same every time. Slight differences in its position can require different amounts of spin to reach each red, be precise in the setup and the drill will be more beneficial to you.

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