The black off the spot is probably the most important and most common shot in snooker. Dedicate some time to learning how to pot it and get position from a variety of angles. This exercise requires a good knowledge of all areas of the cue ball, you will use top, bottom, stun, and side and play position off of 0, 1, and 2 cushions. Most importantly you will develop great confidence in potting the black and increase your breaks.

Pot the black and, without picking up the cue ball, pot it again. Continue until you miss. Here are 3 ways to get position again from a half ball cut above the black.
Follow from below the black. Avoid getting too low


Before trying too hard to set a high run, just experiment with different routes, picking the cue ball up whenever you get out of line. Focus on a half ball cut above the black, 1 cushion to the other side for the same shot into the other pocket.

Once you can consistently hit 10+ blacks in a row, consider limiting yourself to only one pocket, or count a miss if you do not finish high on the black. At this stage, your goal is to never miss a straightforward black off the spot.

Consider incorporating the pink into the drill as well, alternating between pink and black without picking up the cue ball. For an extra challenge only use the corner pockets.


When something the cue ball does surprises you, set the shot up and try it again. Keep trying the same shot until you can get the white to do what you want.

Experiment with different spin, try to find the one that is most consistent in getting you where you want to go.

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