A player that excels at long pots can be extremely aggravating to play and very difficult to beat. Being able to knock in long reds and get shape on a colour is a sure sign of a strong player. It can be intimidating and frustrating to practice, but understanding your abilities and limitations will help you make smarter choices in a match and increase your pot success rate.

long red
Place the red as shown and take ball in hand in the D. Pot the red and play shape on the black pink and blue. Take at least 5 attempts on each, doing your best to set the balls up the exact same every shot.


Start with the reds of the pockets and explore the positional possibilities from there. As you get more confident slowly move them further from the hole.

Run the drill as shown. At this skill level, good long potting will win you a lot of frames.

Work on potting the green and yellow from around the black as well. This helps extend your breaks when you get out of line.

long green.svg.png
Repeat on both sides.

Move the red increasingly further from the pocket and experiment with different cue ball positions as well, frozen to the cushion, 6 inches out, etc.


Always repeat on both sides of the table.

Any side makes long pots even more difficult, avoid it and use the vertical axis to play shape.

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