After getting your stroke and position drills in it’s important to loosen your arm up a bit and put them together. This drill gives you 15 open reds and a lot of options for pots and position. Focus on putting the white exactly where you want, and play position so that you’re on the correct side of the red to easily get to the next one.

Pot all 15 reds and then the black.


Remove reds as needed until its a drill you are comfortable with running, keeping the same basic square pattern. The balls in the middle will give you the most trouble so you can remove them. Start with just 4 reds in a rectangle near the black spot.

Focus on clearing all 15 without having to shoot any particularly difficult shots. Position is key.

Clear the table starting with the bottom three reds and working your way up in sections. You can reset the reds before potting the black and do it again. Get used to potting 20+ balls in a single trip to the table, since this is what you need to do to put a frame-winning break together.

Only use the corner pockets.


Early on shoot reds that are blocking other pockets and get the balls you struggle with out of the way early.

Which side of the red you get on is key. If you are on the proper side you usually only need to pot the ball to get automatic position on the next red. If you are on the wrong side you might need to go 2 cushions to get back in line.

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