This is one of the best drills for developing your break-building skills when you’re in the balls. You have to play shape on one red at a time, and they only have one available pocket. This accurately simulates a real break, where you have limited options for your next shot.

Alternate potting reds and blacks. Only the lowest red will pot, and only into one pocket.


Start with just 2 reds above the black and work your way up when you can consistently clear them.

Play the drill as shown. I have found 7 reds above the black to be about as hard as a 50 break in a game. Adjust accordingly.

Add as many reds as you would like. At this level this drill can replace the line up as your go-to. You can also pot only the pink, or, if you’re really ambitious, the blue.


Stay high on every ball and try to play shape off the bottom rail. Once some reds are cleared playing low on the black is an option.

If you can’t figure out how to get shape from a certain position, set it up again and keep trying different things until it work. With a half ball pot on the black you can get anywhere.

Don’t get frustrated. This drill is hard, no question about it. Anytime you get out of line it’s over. If it’s not working out, try something else and come back to it another time.

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