Speed control is often a weak point for players but is rarely isolated in practice. Work on it now and reap the benefits when it matters. It’s easy to get lazy on this drill, but focus on your form and stroke and try to put the balls exactly where you want them.

Place all the balls on one end of the table. One by one shoot them into the end rail, trying to leave them as close as possible to that rail.

Roll each ball to the end rail.


Shoot along the width of the table, leaving the balls on the side rail.

Shoot each ball 2 table lengths, (like a lag), leaving the balls on the rail you shot from.

Aim to leave every ball within 1 diamond of the end rail, do not let any of the balls touch.

Shoot every shot as a drag shot.


Focus. Just because you aren’t potting any balls doesn’t mean you don’t need to stroke the ball well.

Experiment with different distances. Once you have 1 table length mastered move on to 2, or 1/2, or 1 1/2.

A slightly above centre hit can help with speed control.

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