Not sure what to practice when you get a table to yourself? There’s a lot more to pool practice than just knocking in long straight in shots, playing games against yourself, and trying to run racks. Use these pool drills to break the game down into smaller parts, master them, and run more racks when it counts.

The pool drills on this page have variations for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Challenge yourself, but pick a version you can have success with. Some focus on shotmaking, positional play, or safety play. Some are more focused on 8-ball, while others are more applicable to rotation games like 9-ball and 10-ball. Pick the drills that are most applicable to the parts of your game you need to work on and the games that you play.

In addition to these pool drills, do not forget to work on stroke drills every session, a solid stroke is the foundation of success in every drill. For best results read How to Practice Effectively, to learn the most effective ways to use these drills, and string related drills together to create a routine.