Potting up the cushions is difficult and in many situations, it might be best to simply pass on the pot. Still, it is a shot that comes up frequently, especially around the black, so it is worth spending some time to build confidence with it. Pros often have to pot these shots during a big break. Understand how you tend to miss them and what the positional possibilities and limitations are so you can effectively incorporate it into your game.

Alternate red and blacks.


Start with the reds right over the pocket and work your way out from there. In a match, you’ll probably only want to attempt these shots if they are within a couple inches of the pocket.

When you are comfortable with frozen to the cushion, run the drill with every red a quarter, half, and full ball off the cushion.

Move the reds gradually further from the pocket until you find your limit. Add a second layer of reds behind the first one. You can also add reds to the other corner pockets and attempt to clear the table.


Pace is key to making these pots, too hard and they will almost certainly spit out. Careful hitting them too soft, in a game you don’t want to leave reds over the pocket.

A touch of high inside can help the pot.

Make careful note of your success rate on these pots, use that to inform your shot selection in a match.

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