This drill is deceptively simple. The initial pot is very easy, but you have to hit it perfectly to not draw back at an angle. Once you draw at an angle it is very difficult to get back in line and within a few shots you are likely to miss. The key is absolute focus on every shot. If you have put the time into practicing the other stroke drills, especially the stop shot, then you have the skills necessary to put together a high run here.

Object ball on the spot, cue ball a foot behind. Pot the ball and draw back to starting position, continue without picking up the cue ball. This drill is suitable for players of all levels. The more consistent your stroke, the higher your run will be.

Continuous off the spot
Pot the ball and draw back, re-spot the ball and continue without picking up the cue ball


Roll forward on every shot, alternating between corner and side pocket. It’s easier to keep the cue ball on line with follow than draw.

You can shoot a longer shot to make it harder. However, I don’t think you should. The point of the drill is to bear down on easy shots and hit them perfectly.


If you can draw straight back once, you can do it every time. Focus!

A soft stroke is your friend here.

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